Christian Wisdom: How to Develop Confidence In Your Faith

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Your Life in Rhythm, a book of Christian wisdom, will help you develop confidence in your faith. Bruce Miller offers a realistic solution to our crazy, overly-busy, stressed lives. Miller exposes the myth of living a “balanced” life, and offers “rhythmic living” as a new paradigm for relieving guilt and stress, while accomplishing more of what matters most in life. Rhythmic living details six practical strategies for living a more fulfilling life full of Christian wisdom.

Instead of managing time, Bruce Miller suggests that we flow with life, living in tune with the natural rhythms of nature. By applying rhythm strategies, we can reduce stress, frustration, and guilt while increasing fulfillment, confidence, and inner peace. The point is not to balance all of our responsibilities at one time, but to focus attention on what matters most at different times. Although this sounds easy enough, the six strategies he outlines are crucial to helping the reader to achieve this goal.
Bruce Miller helps us to understand the stages and seasons of life we all experience over a lifetime. This new understanding, when applied, will solve time-management problems, develop confidence and help readers to let go of misplaced priorities and relieve their overbooked lifestyle. The rhythm solution, in short, brings freedom.

In a nutshell:

  • Helps readers think through their overbooked lifestyle.
  • Presents a new way of thinking about life management.
  • Helps readers to let go of misplaced priorities.
  • Helps readers understand the seasons of life and adjust their expectations.
  • Presents rhythm “solution process” for common time management issues.

Available to purchase in-person and online.

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Study Guide: Your Life in Rhythm Small Group Study Guide

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