Bruce is a wise pastor, consultant, and author. His consulting, courses, and books result from his passion for helping people grow, developing leaders, and empowering churches. He consults and creates resources to foster personal growth and provides fresh insights into how we can live more productive, joy-filled lives that make a difference for eternity.  




In 1997 Bruce founded Christ Fellowship in McKinney, Texas, with a great team. From the start, they engaged the community by serving those in need and continue to do so to this day. As a multi-ethnic church, Christ Fellowship reaches people from all backgrounds. The motto, "one church, two languages," captures the beautiful ministry dynamic in English and Spanish as one unified church.


Bruce's consulting with leaders of churches and other ministries flows from decades of informal consultations and discussions. He founded The Centers for Church Based Training, an organization committed to helping churches develop people. He served as a mentor with Leadership Network to equip next-generation and mid-career pastors. Many recognize Bruce for his practical, theological wisdom. Recently, he has directed his wisdom toward LGTBQ+ consulting for Christian leaders to whom he brings a fresh approach full of both grace and truth in full measure.


Bruce worships God through authoring books. As an original thinker, he offers clarifying wisdom on complex topics. People describe him as clear and profound, deep and practical. Some years ago, he created The WISDOM Process© — a powerful method to think through issues and make decisions. This process moves you beyond knowing facts to transforming your life in God's power. Several of his books include study guides that use the WISDOM Process© to help people grow in knowledge and wisdom. Look for many more books from Bruce in the years ahead.


Bruce married Tamara in 1983. They have five grown children who have given them many grandchildren. Bruce and Tamara love playing silly games and reading books with their grandchildren. Tamara serves as a speech-language pathologist, especially for younger children with special needs. One of their favorite experiences is gathering, almost every year, in the mountains for a big family celebration.

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"Bruce Miller provided tremendous insight, helping me understand the root fears and beliefs often embedded in opposition to the LGBTQ community, equipping me with a newfound clarity and confidence in how to navigate that difficult moment."

George Fuller, Mayor of McKinney

"When someone says the words "pastor" or "teacher," Bruce Miller is one of the first name which comes to mind. Whenever you can, through his writing or his speaking, allow this man to speak Jesus into your life."

Brandon Bradley, Dean of Professional Studies at Central Christian College of the Bible