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books for pastors church leadership Jul 13, 2022

gentle new way for church leader’s to survive stress and burnout. Your Church in Rhythm is among the best books for pastors and helps train your church leadership.

Bruce Miller debunks the idea of balance—basically trying to have it all, all the time. Most churches and their pastors try to do everything at once and feel guilty if any one aspect (worship, ministries, outreach, etc.) is neglected. He replaces the exhausting concept of balance with the idea of rhythm: churches, like people, need to give attention to different programs and ministries at different times, basically by attending to their seasons and cycles. This book:

  • Offers an innovative new model for church leaders.
  • Flows from Miller’s experience in the formation and promotion of “Church-Based Training” as in the international movement
  • Offers a proven method for avoiding burnout for church leaders and members by doing the right things at the right time

Train your church leadership to live a life in rhythm, rather than striving for balance, to avoid burnout. The author offers much-need help to overwhelmed leaders and shows them how to apply Miller’s seasonal/cyclical approach to church life.


In this groundbreaking book, Bruce B. Miller introduces the concept of rhythm as a powerful approach to church life. Every ministry flows in rhythms in the stages of a church’s life cycle and in regular cycles annually, monthly, weekly, but how can leaders maximize the God-given rhythms of life?

Miller challenges the idea of a balanced church—trying to have it all, all the time. Typically church leaders try to have every ministry moving full speed ahead at every point in time and inevitably feel guilty if any one aspect (worship, ministries, or outreach) is neglected. In place of the elusive search for balance, Miller proposes rhythm: flowing in seasons and cycles. Churches, like people, need to give priority to different purposes and ministries at different times.

A healthy church will find ways to harmonize with created and providential rhythms. Churches, as all organisms and organizations, develop through stages, experience seasons, and live in the cycles of creation (days and years).

Your Church in Rhythm unfolds six rhythm strategies built on the concepts of chronos and kairos. Chronos is measured time, such as on a watch or a calendar. Kairos is experienced as the right or opportune time, and is measured in stages and seasons. Kairos rhythm strategies enable church leaders to release expectations that don’t fit a particular time. They empower churches to seize opportunities unique to this stage of their church’s life and to anticipate what’s next, creating hope. Chronos rhythm strategies empower leaders to pace their church well in life’s cycles, to establish life-giving habits and value-building traditions, and to oscillate intensity and renewal in each cycle.

Leading a church in rhythm with the seasons and cycles of life will increase impact, reduce stress, and multiply joy for the leadership and the congregation.

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