Thank You For Your Support With the Release of the Book "Sexuality"

Jul 13, 2022

Dear Friends,

In this time of Thanksgiving, I want to say thanks to you.

Thank you for your support in the release of Sexuality: Approaching Controversial Issues with Grace, Truth and Hope. The response has been positive from those who have already read the book. It’s encouraging to see the 5-star reviews on Amazon. I encourage you to write a review.

Congrats to those who participated in our Giveaways and won free books! The first giveaway my marketing team created was from our Live Facebook Book Release Chat. This was a cool experience to chat online with people all over the world including New Zealand and Africa. The giveaway from this event was the book, Same-Sex Marriage: A Bold Call to the Church In Response to the Supreme Court’s Decision. This book tackles the issue of same-sex marriage and how Scripture guides us to a Christ-like response to this cultural crisis. If you were not able to join us online on Facebook (you don’t have to have a Facebook account to read the event), you are welcome to read the conversations during the online event. CLICK HERE .

The second giveaway was from the launch of my author Facebook page. We had over 500 participants and gave away a signed copy of my new book, Sexuality. My marketing team has created future giveaways and we look forward to sharing scripture-based teaching and more through these giveaways. Keep up to date on all future giveaways on my author Facebook page.

If you have not ordered the book yet, you can get the Kindle version or the print version. The publisher has created a special discount price that won’t last forever of $14.95. I encourage you to take advantage of this and feel free to start your Christmas shopping for your loved ones.

On the publishers website there is a bulk discount for ordering 10 or more copies. This book is a great resource for leadership teams to read and discuss together, or to use in small groups with the included study guide, using the WISDOM Process© which enhances spiritual transformation.

Also, Big God in a Chaotic World, a study of the book of Daniel, is currently available. In a scary time in our world with all that just happened in France, this book directs us to God’s comfort and strength. Daniel opens our eyes to see the God who is bigger than all our fears, fires and lions. The current conflict with ISIS is going on in the same area where Daniel lived! He wrote to a world in crisis that parallels what we are facing today. The book could be a great Christmas gift for someone in your life.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

In Christ,


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