Bible Book Studies: Big God in a Chaotic World

bible book studies christian books Jul 13, 2022

Daniel opens our eyes to see the God who is bigger than all our fears, fires and lions. The current conflict with ISIS is going on in the same area where Daniel lived! He wrote to a world in crisis that parallels what we are facing today. Miller opens our eyes to see the Big God who brings comfort and peace to those nervous and fearful about where our world is going. In a well-researched study, Miller relates Daniel to our everyday lives as well as to today’s headlines.

With attention to the latest scholarship united to a pastor’s heart, he unpacks Daniel’s dreams without letting theories about the end times distract from what the text is actually saying. This book also gives readers a study guide that takes them deeper into biblical truth using The WISDOM Process©, a six-step learning engine that helps people engage the Word of God in a transforming way.

Book Resources: Color chart – Prophetic Overview Of Daniel

Available in-person and online.

In-Person: At Christ Fellowship in the Welcome Center, 2801 Orchid, McKinney, Texas at 9:30 am and 11:15 am services; more information at


Also Available Now: When God Makes No Sense (Wisdom Series)


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